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Service provider
Czech Republic
Vlkova 14
13000 Prague
Phone : +420739545278
Year of creation : 2014
Company number : 1100467
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We provide a range of custom software solutions with particular focus on cloud-based internet/intranet solutions that optimize the processes within your unique business.
We maintain lower development costs by optimizing our own work and reduce production costs by using modern, established open-source solutions and cloud infrastructure.

A partial list includes:

Custom Web/Mobile applications; Business process optimization tools, Dashboards, Integration with external APIs and services and/or social networks; eShops, Web Catalogues, Landing pages, Web presentations, CMS, real time data, data analysis and more.

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  • CreativeBU
  • Kacey

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  • BPO
  • business process
  • cloud
  • information management
  • Integration
  • it
  • sofware

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  • Services
    • IT
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