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Sympatic Sp. z o.o.
9 Czluchowska Street, Suite 9
01360 Warsaw
Phone : +48 732 981 462
Year of creation : 2015
Company number : 361265575
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Sympatic Sp. z o.o.

Sympatic Sp. z o.o. is production company and also wholesale and distributing company from Warsaw, Poland. We are working around the world.

We have to main directions of our business:

First, we sell Jardin Riche hard candy drops in tins with magnets produced by our affiliated company Jardin Rich Sp z .o.o. We sell them around the world. Jardin Riche hard candies is completely natural. For production we use only natural ingredients such as sugar, natural colours and natural flavours. There is a fridge magnet on the lid of each Jardin Riche candy tin. At the time we have different series of magnets, for example, holiday magnets, gift magnets, souvenir fridge magnets. This fact extremely increases sales quantities.
More informations on our website

Our second direction of business is production and also local and international wholesale and distributing of Organic Toys travel pillows with hood. Organic Toys is a Trade Mark which is a property of Sympatic Sp. z o. o.. Our travel pillows with hood are not just a travel accessories. Organic Toys travel neck pillows are also original and unusual gifts. Each model of Organic Toys hoodie pillow has original design of hood. For example, you can buy for your child travel pillow with hood in shape of funny rabbit, cat, or hedgehog. In additions to children's travel pillows, in our range there are travel pillows with hood for adults, both for women and for men. We use only organic cotton as the lining of the hoods. Organic Toys travel pillows are packed in our original gift boxes.
Detailed informations you can find on website

If you are interested in cooperation with our company and if you would like to sell or to distribute our interesting products in your country, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are strongly interested in cooperation with ambitious companies around the world.

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  • Sympatic

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