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Alumast S.A.
Marklowicka 30a
44-300 Wodzislaw Slaski
Phone : +48324530314
Year of creation : 2000
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Alumast S.A.

Alumast S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of aluminium, composite lighting and construction solutions for energy, railway, road and advertising sector. The company produces i.e. composite transmission poles, flagpoles and lighting columns which are electrically non-conductive, durable and do not have any scrap value.

Alumast is also one of the biggest manufacturers of flagpoles and advertising carriers in Europe.
The company is a pioneer in a modern technology in this branch of business. Alumast competes with international companies in terms of quality and range of products.
The company offers products and services characterized by the highest quality and Alumast’s aim is to meet even the most demanding customer needs. Innovative technical and technological solutions are registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.
Currently, the company forms a corporate group which includes: German company Alumast GmbH, SWE Sp. z o.o. and Energy Composites Sp. z o.o.

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Brand(s) of the company

  • lighting column
  • street lighting
  • road lighting
  • lighting pole
  • outdoor lighting