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WM Systems
8 Villa str.
1222 Budapest
Phone : +36204143121
Year of creation : 2002
Capital : 100 €
Company number : HU12886733
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WM Systems

The WM SYSTEMS LLC. was estabilished more thanb 15 years ago In Budapest, Hungary.
Now we have 25 employees, mainly engineers. We operate offices in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania. We are M2M/IOT European market technology leader!
Our activities are based on the M2M (machine-to-machine) field, where we are serving our Partners with our technical skills and professional funds through our wireless data transmission solutions built by our developments, systems of the mobile and internet operators.
Ever since the foundation, we have been trying to add even more value to the sales field by – among others – developing our own hardware and software, and creating M2M-based data transmitting product families with the central communication and data collection of the M2M-server platform.
With the help of this portfolio, we can offer all-inclusive and complete solutions for our Clients and prospective Partners with applications for the Industry, Security, Telemetry, Monitoring and Metering fields. Furthermore, complete GPS-based Tracking solutions are provided for our Partners.

During the past 15 years, our company has grown to become a market leader on the target areas of developing, manufacturing and trading of m2m mobile communication data transmitting systems.

We are accepted and recognized partner for the international mobile operators, known partner for the system integrators, for the industrial clients, utility companies and for the service provider sector.

We are partners and successful vendors of the Gemalto®, Telit®, Option® international module manufacturers. We offer a wide range of mobile network connections due the CDMA450, 2G, 3G, LTE 4G, LTE450 and LTE 750/800 global wireless module families and M2M products for worldwide usage.
Furthermore we are the official international distributors of the LTE 31 band (450MHz) NTLM® wireless modules.

Our activities are extended over the production trading for the technical support, software and hardware integration tasks.

Our sales offers the newest state-of-the-art technologies through a wide product range we have developed, which are using these mobile data transmission solutions for the emerging needs and target areas. Therefore we have international projects, referencies during the past years. With our developments and success projects during the last decade could begin a lot of new M2M-based systems all over the world and they are still working for sure!

Béla Kormos
Managing Director

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  • M2M Router
  • M2M Router PRO
  • M2M Easy2
  • M2M MOdem plus
  • M2M Easy2 FIRE
  • M2M Modem PLUS IO
  • m2m server
  • wireless communication
  • m2m communication

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  • alarm system
  • developer
  • industrial
  • m2m server
  • manufacturer
  • market leader
  • reliable
  • safety
  • security
  • signal transmitter
  • utility
  • wireless

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    WM Systems
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    WM Systems
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    WM Systems
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