Buyers and Aspiring entrepreneurs

You have various ways of finding what your are looking for, weither it is a specific supplier or product, or service.

Search engine

Through the search engine, you can find:

  • a product
  • a service
  • a savoir-faire
  • a specific company

Those results will be returned if we have in our database any product, service or savoir-faire related to a name, brand, reference or description.

Priority will be given to suppliers with Gold or Platinum accounts.

Once results displayed, you can refine your search with filters.


Searching by country has a lot of sense on Europe Factory: we remind you that you will find here only suppliers based in the European Union. This is a choice that we made, because there is no such equivalent website, and also because this really means something for european buyers, weither it is for marketing, ecological, social or economic reasons.

Then, instead of searching for a specific product, or category, maybe you would like to see only suppliers based in a specific country.

Also, if you use the search engine, or you search by category, you can refine the results by country of production, or company nationality.


If you are looking for different kind of products, or if you are not sure about what you are looking for, maybe you would prefer to search by Category.

On Europe Factory, you will find 16 main categories of products and services. Each Category has a maximum of 3 levels of subcategories, so as to classify efficently most of them.

Also, once results displayed, you can refine your search with filters.

Save your searches

At any time, you can save your searches:

  • By clicking on the button "Save my search" displayed on search results pages
  • By clicking on the "Add to my selection" from a product, service or savoir-faire sheet
  • By clicking on "Add to my contacts" from a supplier page

In addition, any product, service, know-how can be added to a project (see Manage my sourcing projects with Europe Factory).

Suppliers directory

If you prefer to consult the supplier directory, it will allow you to quickly view the various opportunities for collaboration. However, only suppliers who have voluntarily published their supplier card are referenced here.

You didn't find?

If you didn't find what you were looking for, you have three options:

  • Publish your buyer card, on which you will be able to show to suppliers what you are looking for, and how you want them to reach you
  • Publish a Buying request, for specific needs, on which you will describe precisely the product or service you are looking for, quantities, delays expected...
  • At last, if you are in a rush, or are not familiar with sourcing, you can ask us to find one or more suppliers for you, through an On-Demand service.