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Europe Factory is a marketplace dedicated to connecting worldwide B2B buyers with suppliers based in the European Union

Join +400 suppliers, and increase your sales!

Europe Factory connects you with B2B buyers through its Suppliers Directory, where you promote your company, and its catalog, where you publish your products, services or savoir-faire.

Free account, and advanced functions starting at 29€ (compare offers).

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Am I concerned?

Your company is based in the European Union and, daily, you are looking for:

  • Prospects (B2B buyers, aspiring entrepreneurs...)
  • New outlets
  • Wholesalers
  • Better visibility on the Internet
  • Promote a new product, a new service
  • Or just buzz ?

Then Europe Factory is for you !

Europe Factory, in a few words

  • Thousands of companies use Europe Factory, launched in 2016
  • A multisectoral platform (16 categories) to be the one and only B2B marketplace for all kind of businesses
  • A search by country to facilitate local sourcing, and search of "Made in ..."    
  • Never miss an opportunity with our many tools: messaging and chat, quotations, directories ...     
  • The possibility to get an account both Supplier and Buyer
  • A team ready to help you publishing your products, even to do it for you (paid service via On-demand services)

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What will my profile look like?

Supplier Card: Get a fancy presentation of your company

Display your details, show pictures of your company, and even publish a promotional video. Business Card

Catalog: Showcase your products

More than a company, buyers are looking for products, services or know-how. So, this is the place where everything happens.

Product sheet

Messages, live chat, Request For Quotations: Interact with visitors

Gold and Platinum accounts get call-to-action buttons and functions, helping you to increase your chances to be contacted by potential buyers: send a message, ask for a quotation, and even chat!

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