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Europe Factory news

Launch of new offers

A simpler, more accessible choice

We have just launched our new Offers, intended to appeal to a greater number of suppliers, and to simplify our rates.

On the one hand, we offer you the possibility of subscribing monthly, or yearly, always without obligation (no tacit renewal).

On the other hand, it is no longer necessary to request a quote for the Platinum subscription. It now has a fixed price, as well as a limit of 10,000 (instead of unlimited) products.

You will find below the sum-up of our offers, and all details on the Prices page.

Monthly subscription
Free49.99€ excl. tax99.99€ excl. tax
Yearly subscriptionFree499€ excl. tax 599.88 € - Save 100.88 €999€ excl. tax 1199.88 € - Save 200.88  €

It is always possible to entrust to us the filling of your catalog, as well as its translation.

For more information, click here.