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Marketplace, B2B, B2C... Explain to me!

If you are here, it is a priori because you were looking for at least one of the terms mentioned previously. However, you may not be sure what you are looking for, and what solution to choose to meet your need. So let's review what's behind these terms!

What for?

A marketplace is, as its name suggests, a kind of great virtual course, where many merchants expose their offer. Sometimes complementary, sometimes in competition, they use the marketplace to make themselves known or simply to ensure visibility to their brand.
Often, these marketplaces belong to companies that are directly in competition with these merchants. Within the same site, they can therefore compete voluntarily! Although this may seem paradoxical, the business model is in fact based on the traffic generated by these different merchants overall, and the contribution of a generally superior quality service, which may justify a price differential. In addition, the marketplace owner receives a commission on each sale.
On the suppliers side, the marketplaces allow them to quickly reach a public probably more important than if they were selling directly. They can also benefit from certain services of the "host", such as the storage and shipment of their goods, in their place.
Professional marketplaces (see below) may function differently from marketplaces for individuals: depending on the type of products, quantities, or the demands of the professional buyer, the latter will not necessarily wait for a marketplace the ability to pay online, and get its products in 24h.
A professional purchase can sometimes require appointments, negotiations, signing contracts before any relationship... For example, this is what Europe Factory offers through its B2B marketplace: suppliers based in the European Union present their business, and all products, services or know-how available to professionals. The objective is therefore to offer maximum information and commercial indications for general purchases, semi-finished products, components, raw materials...

Fish market

B2B, B2C ...

These anglophone acronyms denote the targets to which the marketplaces are addressed: B2B (sometimes spelled BTOB) means Business to Business. We are talking about transactions exclusively between professionals, as opposed to the B2C (BTOC) which means Business To Consumer. In this case, the final buyers are individuals. As explained earlier, the distinction between the two targets is made because the needs, the expectations, the requirements... are not the same.

Whether you are a professional buyer or a supplier, Europe Factory enables you to grow your business and meet your purchasing needs.