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Business creation

Financing your business project

You have found your business idea, but you do not know how to finance it? Let’s review the main possibilities.

First, make sure you have correctly assessed your needs in your projected income statement, as well as in your initial financing plan: potential social contributions, hires, internal purchases, insurance, taxes, rents, IT equipment... The sum of these expenses will have to be subtracted from the turnover you expect, taking into account the estimated starting date of your sales: maybe your product or service will not be ready as soon as you registered your company? It can happen several months without you being able to generate turnover, and yet the first bills will fall right away.

In the same way, in your forecast income statement, take into account the possibility of reducing your expenses at the start of your activity: for example, you may not need premises right now.

Personal resources and love money

Your personal savings will constitute all or part of the investment, depending on the amount needed. Your loved ones will also be able to help you, in the form of a donation, or by subscribing to the capital of your company.

In addition, if you are unemployed and based in France, rather than receiving your benefits monthly, you may choose to claim 45% of the total amount of the benefits owed to you. This amount will be paid in two installments: one half at the start of the business and the other half six months later. This solution can be attractive to you as a small starting capital, as long as your personal finances allow you.
However, this possibility is conditional on obtaining the Aid for the Unemployed Creators or Business Takeover (ACCRE), which consists of a partial exemption from the social contributions of the manager.
Find all the details on Pôle-emploi’s website (


This is the fashionable term, but this method of financing is most likely now firmly anchored in the economic landscape: on websites such as Ulule or KissKissBankBank, you expose your project, and promise counterparts (the product that you intend to market, goodies ...) in exchange for a financial participation of individuals. Thus, products as diverse as a kitchnette cooler, a board game, or even a clothing brand, were born.

In fact, these are sometimes pure pre-orders. In this way, you can make sure that there is a market for your product and that you can limit your financial risks by avoiding overproduction and ensuring that you have the cash to start production.

On the other hand, be careful with the taxation of this resource, especially if you collect money while you do not yet have a professional status.

The loans

When you think of borrowing, you immediately think of banks. But it is only one actor among others: various organizations, public, private or associative (networks of support for entrepreneurship) propose to lend to the future entrepreneurs part of the sum necessary for the projects. The rates may even be zero, in the case of a loan of honor for example.

But with this solution, you will usually only lend you money if you finance a non-negligible percentage of the overall budget with your own resources. Moreover, your company will already have debts at its launch, without having been able to experience its business model, and thus ensure receipts. But depending on the activity you are focusing on, and the investments you need, you may have no choice to finance the launch this way.


If you are embarking on an innovative project with high growth potential, it may be worthwhile to raise funds from business angels or investment funds. France is quite active in the field, thanks to a positive state of mind, partly driven by some great bosses who have proved themselves, especially in the digital world.
This solution has the disadvantage of bringing into your capital partners, and thus make you lose total control of your business.

This is only an overview of the main sources of funding. Find out from the professionals who accompany you in your project to ensure that you are aware of all possible funding sources specific to your region or project. And once your company is operational, join us on so as to promote your company, and find your first B2B buyers!