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Made in France

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Product description

Discover our innovative, eco-designed, toilet brush, made in France, with recycled and bio-based materials!

Biom Paris is intended to rethink the everyday objects. Obviously, the toilet brush is one of them, that we all use daily, and hasn't been innovated since its creation.

bbb La Brosse is our first creation, 100% Made in France, and is the best toilet brush for many reasons:

  • its shape looks like a leaf, because it improves drastically it's hygiene (0 water drops) and helps to wash every part of the toilet bowl
  • bbb La Brosse is eco-designed, meaning that we have made our best to minimize as much as possible it's ecological impact
  • bbb La Brosse is made with recycled or bio-sourced materials (depending on the model)
  • bbb La Brosse is MADE IN FRANCE!

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Biom Paris

Biom Paris presents its first innovative and eco-designed product, a toilet brush + holder. Other innovative products in the world of toilets are being manufactured.

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