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Bean bag armchair shape, different colors

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Made in Lithuania

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Product description

Measurement: Width - 90 cm, Length - 50 cm, Height - 90 cm.

Supplier information

Edvas Ltd

My name is Julija and I work in manufacturing company in Lithuania, EU. Edvas UAB is producing branded BEAN BAGS (soft seating). Please check our website to see what we‘ve got: www.sede.ltWE WOULD LIKE TO OFFER TO YOU: • Good quality, unique hand made products. • If you buy 20 or more we offer wholesale prices. • We can produce Bean Bags in a white label basis. • We are flexible and opened to innovations and suggestions.If you find our products attractive and you would like to work with us – please, feel free to contact me by e-mail: or Tel. +370 650 70357.We look forward to building a strong business relationship in the future.Best of luck!SEDE Team