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A J Services produce a wide variety of access doors or panels to suit both rectangular and spiral ducting where conditioned air from HVAC systems travel along.

The access doors allow trained technicians to gain access to the ducting where components such as dampers and filters are housed - this means they can be routinely changed and tested to abide by regulatory body and manufacturers specifications. In addition to this it means that the inside of the ducting can be cleaned - this is a legal requirement and failure to abide to this can result in both a fine and closing of business premises until issues are rectified.

The access doors are produced in 4 different styles: square/rectangular tabbed doors, spiral, flat oval and PAD (pressed access doors), all four variations carry out the same functionality but are used in different applications and are suited to different styles of ducting. All are as standard produced in galvanised steel although can be produced in both 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Additional safety features can be provided such as hinges and chains as well a fire-retardant powder coating - which provides the doors with a 1hr fire rating.

Rectangular/square access doors vary in size from 100x100mm to 2000x2000mm manufactured in galvanised sheet metal which measures 0.8mm the doors are produced with a depth of 25mm, but on request can be supplied in 50mm. BRSIA pressure tested these panels are suitable for all velocities traveling through ducting.

Spiral access doors are oval in shape and have a curvature which enables them to be fitted to round ducting. There are three nominal door sizes: 200mmx80mm, 250mmx150mm and 400mmx300mm which have diameters of 80mm>150mm, 150mm>450mm and 300mm>1500mm+ respectively the double skinned uninsulated are separated by springs and a progressive seal is achieved via two external thermo plastic, Tri-Star threaded m10 (steel insert) hand wheels.

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