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Printed hoodies with own design and free customised inside neck label

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customized,oem 100% softspun cotton, men ,own logo

Made in Bulgaria

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From 12,50 € tax excl. to 14,30 € tax excl.

Sales unit Carton

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30 carton

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Product description

Our hoodies

Our hoodies are tailored of 80% cotton/ 20% polyester mixed fabric.

This fabric has a gentle and soft feeling.Comfortable to wear and durable to multiple washing without shrinking or twisting. Available in many colors, suitable for already established brands, new brands, advertising and other purposes because it brilliant potential of price- quality ratio.

Experience and Flexibility

Symbolic Ltd combines a great deal of experience and flexibility, ready to meet up your expectations and create the best option for your projects.We want to make sustainable, good-quality, and up-to your requirements products for establishing a long-term and successful for both sides partnership.


We, at Symbolic Ltd, are dedicated to always create the best offering and the best experience for our customers. We all share a values-driven way of working, based on a fundamental respect for the individual. Our shared values help to create an open, dynamic and down-to-earth company culture where anything is possible.

24-hour service

Our goal is the satisfied client with a quality product, that's why we are responding as quickly as possible with attention to details, guidance,and advises. We aim respect and confidence that's why our getting in touch and quick feedback is right on time, always clear and thorough.

Shipping via DPD Economy

This is the main shipping company we are using - it is cheap and fast, tracking number available. Up to 31kg all over the EU prices are from EUR 35.

Shipping via DHL Express

We can make express orders to all the countries in the EU, with on the next day delivery. If you are late - we can help - we work quick and we can deliver on the next day for your event!

Shipping via Goped Trans

For larger orders up than 1000pcs we use local cargo company and such deliveries are free of charge for all EU based countries.

  • Manufacturing delays : 7 days (on order)
  • Samples available : yes, contact the supplier

Supplier information

Symbolic Ltd

Symbolic Ltd is a small sized screen printing and clothing manufacturing company based in Pazardjik, Bulgaria. Established 8 years ago, we offer high quality prints on 100% cotton fabrics. The colors of the fabrics are up to Clients consideration as well as in all variable sizes both for men and women. An order could include variable sizes and practically there are no limitations of the clothing design. We are offering OEM(Customization) services that can be performed in different variations. Our business is based on developing and maintaining customer relationships in which we work together to develop products that convey the image and message desired by our customer.