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is an internal consumption product, a food supplement with reinvigorating properties due to its detoxifying features. The main active component with detoxifying action is clinoptilolite, the most traded type of natural zeolite, characterized by high porosity and high capacity of ions exchange.

ZEOVITAL is administered orally, in the form of tribo mechanicallyactivated micronized powder, with the following benefits::

  • removes heavy metals and toxins having the perfect molecular structure to catch andeliminate heavy metals from the body, without eliminating the healthy ions and metals aswell;
  • it may aid to reduce the risk of cancer but this does not mean that zeolite is an anticancerremedy, being a useful supplement that may be included in a treatment scheme;
  • the course of treatment for body detoxification with zeolite is also indicated in manychronic disorders: acne, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, constipation, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, cancer;
  • zeolite is recommended as adjuvant in treating the following disorders: intoxication withheavy metals, intoxication with pesticides, irradiation disease, prostate cancer, skincancer, lung cancer, oral and pharynx cancer, breast cancer, diarrhea, bow infections, gastritis, gastric ulcer, gout, autism, adjuvant in viral hepatitis and viral infections, etc
  • reduces cellulite by nearly 99% and makes the skin 400 times more elastic;
  • reduces lactic acid produced by the body to effort which means that muscle pains and cramps disappear, as well as the feeling of exhaustion;
  • stops acute and chronic diarrhea;
  • + other benefits: increase immunity, cure allergies,

In Asia, the zeolite is called "But of the Gods". Those who want to have children are given zeolite to cleanse their body of toxins, to increase fertility and sperm quality.

Removing toxins and heavy metals from the body without the detoxification crisis. The body does not react to the elimination of toxins in a short period of time, zeolite absorbs them progressively and eliminates them without causing a shock to the immune system.

According to recent research, autism is favored by the accumulation of mercury and other heavy metals in the brain. Administering zeolite to patients affected by autism leads to a noticeable diminishing of the symptoms.

METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION: Adults: 4 grams/day, a teaspoon twice a day in a large glass of water, natural juice, etc. Children over 13 kilos in weight – a quarter of a teaspoon, with the doctor’s recommendation.
ZEOVITAL is very safe for oral administration in humans as it lacks side effects.

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