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Dolomite powder

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soil amendment

Made in Romania

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Product description

Dolomite is extracted in their natural state in the form of stone, quarry its own, it is ground until it reaches the stage of powder without making any intervention to alter the properties thereof resulting in BIO MAGNE Carbon - BMC, which is 100% natural. BMC is a mineral that contains a concentration of CaCO3 + MgCO3 than 97% and with a neutralization of the acidity of the soil strength 99.6%, a result obtained by the method Treadwell, substances vital to the health of the crop. Notable results of BMC were observed and vegetables from the garden and are available to every farmer. Using dolomite, known as BIO MAGNE carbon had spectacular results after the first year of use. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers or zucchini gardens where it was used BMC are healthier and higher. In addition, pests have caused extensive damage, as happened before using BMC amendment. While there is no need for crop rotation to prevent impoverishment of soil nutrients. The product has been successfully used by farmers across the country to increase milk production in cows and weight gain of broilers.

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