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Children gloves

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Terry gloves with bow, 85% polyester, 15% elastane

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PHU Alex

Alex produce a wide range of socks, tights, hats and gloves for all ages since 1989. Introduced a few years resulted in the development of innovative solutions to market, brand awareness and brand their own unique design. Are you a leader in your business or maybe you aspire to this name? Or perhaps you run a small business that you are totally devoted to? You depend on a reliable supplier, qualified sales specialists and attractive textilles? Our offer is for You. Please visit our webpage and contact us: Designs follow the latest trends, attention to quality materials, precise execution and the efforts of our co-workers make up the success of our major brands NEXX, EUROCALZA and Be Snazzy. Brilliant workmanship, unique design and good value for money is what every customer search for. Wholesale of trustworthy is profitable and builds a branch of regular customers. Make use of our experience.