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Paper Cups

Materials and raw materials

Custom paper cups,Printed paper cups,coffee paper

Made in Bulgaria

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Sales unit Carton of 10 units

Minimum Quantity (MOQ):
10000 carton of 10 units

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Product description

Founded in 2010 Brendos specializes in the manufacturing and branding of paper cups. Our products are made of high quality eco-friendly materials according to European and World standards. Our production capacity allows us to produce and deliver up to 5 000 000 cups a month. Brendos offers the largest variety of paper cups with custom designs - the paper cups that you see all around you.

Paper cups with print are excellent method of advertising.

We offer single and double wall paper cups with Custom Printed design/logo or plain, all coming in 7 sizes:

7.5 oz/210ml Single wall Vending paper cups
8 oz/260ml Single wall paper cups
12 oz/360ml Single wall paper cups
16 oz/450ml Single wall paper cups

8 oz/260 ml Double wall paper cups
12 oz/360ml Double wall paper cups
16 oz/450ml Double wall paper cups

*Time for making: 15 working days after approval of the project.

  • Manufacturing delays : 15 days (on order)
  • Samples available : yes, contact the supplier

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Brendos Ltd