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Wall drinking fountain

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Made in Romania

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Product description

- Drinking fountain for direct connection
to a cold water supply;
- Casted aluminium body;
- Electrostatic coating: color gold-antique;
- Push buton chrome tap
adjustable water jet;
- water inlet: Stainless Steel braided
flexible metal water hose, thread
size is 12";
- water outlet :PVC Flexible outlet pipe 1-14"

- Basin aprox.diameter: 400 mm;
- weight: aprox. 4 Kg;

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Supplier information

Sc Adcrist Prod Srl

Adcrist prod srl Oradea-Romania manufacturer / exporter since 1994. The company has experience in the production of drinking water fountains for public spaces, garden furniture production, foundry molds and patterns, nonferrous metal foundry etc.