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pharmaFoot™ © - Antibacterial shoes deodorant insole pad

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Product description

Product description

A shoe deodorant insole is a carton pad composed of cellulolytic polymer, which is impregnated with different essential oils. The inhibitory effect against microbes is exerted by essential oils from mint, eucalyptus and tea tree. The product does not contain toxic substances (formalin), therefore it can safely be used in all age groups. The size of the insole pad allows the treatment of both children’s shoes and that of adult-size footwear. It is the closed toe cap of shoes that contains most of the pathogenic agents since this part provides favourable conditions for bacteria to multiply. The antibacterial and deodorizing effects of the pad are ensured through evaporation as opposed to those of traditional shoe-cleaning products. The pads are supplied with rubber strings to ease application. The product is suitable for multiple use provided its after-use storage takes place in its original, self-closing peel pouch.
To whom is it recommended for use?
The pad is safe to use for everybody, from young people to the elderly ones. Some of its important fields of use:
- highly recommended to sportsmen for the deodorization of training shoes, or to all the people working in jobs requiring the use of closed-toe shoes
- increasingly recommended to diabetics since people suffering from diabetes should pay special attention to shoe- and foot care in order to prevent later complications
- when establishing its size, we took care to make it usable also for the deodorization of children’s footwear. It is absolutely safe to use since the material of the pad and the impregnating substance contain exclusively natural components.
- It can be used as a supplementary treatment of different fungal diseases affecting the skin of the foot for the purpose of decreasing the number of pathogens present in the footwear as, in many cases, the effective healing of infection can be reached by cleaning shoes regularly. - The persistence of the fungal infection of foot is caused by the fungi becoming established in shoes.
Its use is recommended also for the maintenance of everyday footwear hygiene.

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