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Oxylife C - Mini Multiplace Hyperbaric chamber

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Oxylife C - Mini Multiplace Hyperbaric c

Oxylife C

Made in Germany

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Product description

  • Modular construction.
  •  Relative ease of assembly and disassembly.
  •  Portability and installation without building, doorway modification.
  •  The 3 sections are small enough (70 cm X 190cm )to pass through a standard sized door frame allowing delivery for chamber assembly inside a building, without having to structurally modify the building. When needed, the modular chamber may be dismantled, moved and then conveniently re-assembled at a different location.
  •  Flexible seals, gaskets and fluid sealing materials, placed between modules and sections, prevent gas leakage and loss of pressure from the chamber.
  •  Fold able seats allows convenient space usage.
  •  Possibility of wheelchair acces.
  •  Chamber can be also equipped with a stationary bike.

  • Manufacturing delays : 30 days and more (on order)

Supplier information


We are specialized in manufacturing high quality hyperbaric chambers and automatic pressure systems. HBOT stands for hyperbaric oxygen treatment and our company is one of the safest, reliable, and affordable HBOT chambers. Our products are made of top quality materials, used in airplane industry . Our products are made in Germany using the highest standards. Oxyhelp Industry is a registered medical device manufacturer, has obtained all the quality certificates, primarily including ISO 13485 , ISO 9001 and CE certificates. Specializes in the design and manufacture of Hard and Soft Hyperbaric Chambers.