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The Tailor-made programs of education are designed only for you, regardless of the fact you are either an entity or natural person and are based on the educational CNC needs or the fields you desire to improve.

The Tailor-made programs of educations are aimed at:

  • Private companies
  • Universities or groups of individuals, professionals, students, hobbyists etc.

who desire to drill or educate their personnel and/or develop their CNC skills.

The duration, the days and the hours of the tailor-made programs of education are determined in advance after the consideration of your availability so as to not unsettle your schedule or shift.

Combine your CNC training with vacations!Our tailor-made Summer Camp technical training programs aimed at students of Technical Universities or schools who need to obtain expertise or wish to work as operators & programmers of CNC machine tools in modern machine shops and do not have previous work experience & companies who need to train or improve the knowledge of their people on CNC technology. 

We are at your disposal to discuss the personalized needs of CNC education, for the purpose of planning a CNC educational program that adapts to your needs.

Supplier information

CNC Solutions - P.Gounas K.Enezlis O.E.

CNC Solutions is specialized in the sub-contracting design and manufacturing of components and spare parts of high precision and complexity.The company was set up in 2003 by two aspiring people with rich experience in CNC machining. Aiming at the continuous upgrade and the unparalleled customer service and support, CNC Solutions has realized significant investments on:-New contemporary high-tech CNC tool machines -Globally advanced CAD/CAM software -Application of comprehensive design, production and control computerized systems (ERP SAP) -Creation of a fully equipped production control department -Modern facilities of European standards -Creation of a pioneering and contemporary CNC Training Center (certified by Haas Automation Inc.)Through the above investments – which were totally funded by own capital – CNC Solutions has expanded its clientele in Greece and abroad and enriched its knowhow providing comprehensive and high value-added services:-Quality control -Research & development -Industrial design -Reverse engineering -Surface protection -Thermal treatments -Polishing and shining of components -Assembling -Technical support -Laser markingToday, CNC Solutions meets the CNC manufacturing needs of many branded companies in Greece and abroad, from various industrial sectors, such as automotive industry, defense, aerospace and aviation, shipping, medical equipment, research and development, high-tech industries, pharmaceuticals and others.In particular, it has accumulated rich know-how and experience in the R&D and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes and vape devices in general, acting as the long-term sub-contracting partner of many brands in the vaping industry.Continuous investments in CNC technologies and systematic monitoring of technological developments, enable CNC Solutions to provide services and solutions of high added value tailored to its client's individual needs, with flexibility and fast response.CNC Solutions is certified by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 for the manufacturing of high precision parts and components by the organization TÜV INTERCERT.Values:Absolute professionalism and consistency, passion for our work, emphasis in detail and continuous development and upgrade, are at the core of our values and priorities.Vision:Our vision is to be the reliable long-term sub-contracting manufacturing partner of modern industrial companies in Greece and abroad and contribute substantially to the development of innovative and high added value industries.