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Blended Scotch Whisky KOUDETA

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Made in United Kingdom

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Product description

KOUDETA, is a blended Scottish whisky, that is not 40 or 43° but 45°! This is a rare product that you can hardly find on the market of blended whiskies, and will be sure to spark people's interest.

 We invite you to read the presentation or our website,  and discover a bit more about the flavors, the packaging and so on.

As our KOUDETA whisky is in 45° the flavors are more concentrated and make him an excellent quality and cost price effective. 

We are looking for exclusive importers all over the word, eccept EU

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Jeune start up Comercialisation de notre marque de Blended Scotch whisky Koudeta en 45%We are selling our own brand of Blended Scotch whisky KOUDETA 45% alc Vol