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Protein electrophoresis kit

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By agarose gel electrophoresis the serum proteins are separated, into albumin, a1, - a2, b (b1, b2), and g- globulins. The gels are compatible with all common electrophoresis systems.
Hellabio offers 3 kinds of kits. Kit PE 10 is for 100 tests (10 samples/gel).Kit PE 14 is for 140 tests (14 samples/gel).The Mini PE (MPE) kits are designed especially for small Laboratories. Each Mini PE gel is for 3 samples and the kit contains 16 gels.

  • Manufacturing delays : 15 days (on order)

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Hellabio is a European Company established in 1986 and located in Business Incubator Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece. We are active researcher and manufacturer of innovative biological reagents for in vitro diagnostic use.Hellabio has the great advantage of being flexible in an ever changing and growing industry.We are comitted to meeting and satisfying the needs of its customers, in terms of the supplied products, customer care and the level of after sales support provided. We offer our great expertise in the field of electrophoresis diagnosis and especially in the production of top quality Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Products for in vitro clinical use.Especially we offer:Complete Agarose Gel kits intended to be used for Electrophoresis of : Proteins, Hemoglobins, Lipoproteins, Immunofixation, Immunoelectrophoresis, Nucleic Acids. Equipments: Semi-Automatic Electrophoresis system. Automatic Electrophoresis unit Manual Electrophoresis system which consists of: o Power supply o Electrophoresis Tanks (Horizontal, Vertical &Submarine) Gel Dryer. 3. HellabioScan Gel Analyzer Software.We are interested in OEM cooperation