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Microcement coarse powder pack of 22kg

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Beton Cire


Made in Spain

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10 carton

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Product description

Micro Topping concrete for decorative floors and walls 

Microcement coarse powder for preparation of micro mortar for decorative coating with very high strength and grip.

The high quality micro-cement Beton Cire is a smooth coating composed of a decorative mortar. This mortar is a cement base along with synthetic resins, aggregates and coloring pigments.

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Supplier information

Beton Cire, SLU

Microcement is not well known, but is very popular in France, where it is known as béton ciré. It was first created for the US navy about 30 years ago. Since then, it has been developed to provide a wide range of colours for domestic and industrial uses.Microcement is a mixture of Portland cement, silica sand, polymer resins, with natural pigment added to provide colour. It is different to polished concrete, which is a traditional concrete that is merely polished. Microcement , on the other hand, is applied in the same way as plaster and is only 2-3mm thick.The finished product is hard-wearing, flexible, seamless, versatile, with a tactile finish and is resistant to abrasion and staining. It is waterproof and can be applied to interiors (floors, walls, worktops, kitchens, bathrooms etc) as well as exteriors - even for swimming pools.